Will a New Best in the World be Crowned at ECS?

6 Must-Know Trends from LCS Week 3

Device vs kennyS at ECS: Breaking Down Device's Signature Style

ECS May Decide the Best Team in the World

With four contenders for the current title and a whole lot of rising would-bes, ECS is going to set the stage for this summer's CS:GO ladder. Be prepared with this breakdown of each team's journey so you know who comes out on top and why it matters.

How Device Keeps Astralis Fresh

Breaking down Astralis' tactics turns out to be harder than you'd think, thanks in large part to the complicated strategies based around AWP rotations from Nicolai 'device' Reedtz. This is how they win, and how they might lose, as the summer moves into ECS Season 3 finals and beyond.