Jess Colwill, October 31, 2016

Call of Duty World League To Be Discontinued: Rumour

Activision has considering discontinuing the Call of Duty World League competition, according to ESPN’s sources.

The anonymous sources claim to have been part of a conference call held by Activision’s esports division last Tuesday. The call was led by the Call of Duty World League’s senior manager of esports, Kevin Flynn.

During the call, Flynn made it clear that Activision would like to discontinue the online tournaments. In their place, he claimed that once Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is released, there would be offline events held through winter and into spring.

This would be followed by what Activision referred to as the “Global Super Bowl” in March or April. The Global Super Bowl would be an offline league consisting of 16 teams, 10 from North America, four or five from Europe, and one or two from Australia and New Zealand. The teams would be chosen based on circuit points awarded during the season, with the event taking place at the Major League Gaming Arena in Ohio.

In order for the teams to compete offline, Activision says they will stump up the cash in order to provide housing and aid the teams in relocating. However, they did not go into the Visa approval process which Oceanic and European teams would have to go through in order to compete in the U.S.

The discussion of an offline tournament comes on the heels of problems caused by the Call of Duty World League. The increased traffic caused the PlayStation Network to crash for long periods of time, forcing matches to be canceled or postponed on short notice.

Jess Colwill

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