Jess Colwill, November 2, 2016

StarCraft, Overwatch Adaptations Being Considered For Film and TV

Blizzard is considering following up on the Warcraft movie with further multimedia adaptations, according to a new interview by BBC Newsbeat.

Activision-Blizzard already has its hands full with an upcoming Call of Duty feature-film adaptation and the ongoing Skylanders TV show, though they are more than happy to look at every future possibility.

"We're going to do more, but we're going to move very carefully and thoughtfully," explained Stacey Sher, the head of Activision-Blizzard Studios. Sher, along with former Disney executive Nick van Dyk, were hired to create a film and TV studio arm of the gaming giant in January of this year.

"We've already announced that we're going to do Call of Duty as a big feature film and that's an example of matching the game to the medium," Sher continued.

"We're going to pick the best medium [for each title] be it film, TV or shorts—the one that best serves each franchise individually."

Sher believes that television and other forms of "filmed entertainment" create a greater empathy for the characters than simply playing them in the game.

“The fans love these characters and want to engage more fully with them, they want to go beyond the storytelling capabilities of gaming,” Sher added.

"We don't worry about competition because we know these franchises are so beloved that if we do a proper service to our fans, make the best content we can, then they'll be successful," fellow studio head Nick van Dyk stated.

"It's a lot easier when you're starting with something that has a following of tens of millions of people."

Jess Colwill

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