Jess Colwill, November 7, 2016

BlizzCon 2016: Heroes of the Storm Wrap-Up

BlizzCon 2016 is done for another year, and there are some exciting announcements being made for the future of all your favorite Blizzard games.

New Heroes

The hottest news for Heroes of the Storm is the announcement of two new heroes making their way to The Nexus. They are Varian the High King of the Alliance and Ragnaros the Firelord, both of whom come from World of Warcraft.

Varian Wrynn is something of an enigma at this stage, with Blizzard telling us he will be the first multi-class hero to enter The Nexus. He’s called a Melee Warrior, but through his talents will be able to be built as more of a tank able to taunt enemies and soak up damage, or as a dual-wielding damage dealer.

How this will differ from a hero like Kharazim who can also be built in one of two vastly different directions in order to make Varian the “first multi-class hero” remains to be seen.

Ragnaros is a melee assassin who can summon lava waves in order to massacre minions en masse. He’s also able to take control of a fort or keepmuch like Abathur can ride along with other Heroesallowing him to stop an enemy push in its tracks.

You can watch the announcement cinematic for Varian and Ragnaros below.

New Brawl

Blizzard has also announced a new Brawl modeBlackheart’s Revenge. This new Brawl introduces asymmetrical gameplay to HotS, as only one team has a core. The attackers escort Captain Blackheart’s ship as it sallies forth to take the core while the defenders reload cannons to destroy his ghost ship to fend him off.

The Nexus Challenge

Blizzard has announced their biggest giveaway to dateThe Nexus Challenge. It’s touted as a team up between Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm and while there are definitely some Overwatch rewards to be won, they heavily favor Heroes of the Storm.

Between November 15th and January 4th, you and a friend (or friends) need to play 15 games in Co-Op vs AI, Quick Match, Unranked, or Ranked modes. Upon completing 15 games, you’ll receive an Oni skin for Genji, a portrait, and a spray for Overwatch. In Heroes, you’ll unlock Zarya as well as the Oni Genji portrait.

If you finish those 15 games and still want more, you can complete another 15 (taking your total 30) and you will unlock a slew of heroes for your personal useAuriel, Greymane, Kerrigan, and Li Mingas well as the Hovercycle Mount and a 30-Day Stimpack.

Jess Colwill

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