Jess Colwill, November 9, 2016

Na'Vi Drop Three Dota 2 Team Members

Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) announced that they are releasing three members of their five-man Dota 2 roster from their contracts.

After failing to make The Boston Major 2016, Na’Vi decided their Dota 2 roster needed a shakeup. The team cited internal issues and problems communicating as the main concerns and released Dmitry ‘Ditya Ra’ Minenkov, Ivan ‘ArtStyle’ Antonov, and even team captain, Akbar ‘SoNNeikO’ Butaev, from the team.

The problems began at The International 2016, where Na’Vi finished in last place. According to their manager Igor Sydorenko, the team’s problems were never been about skill but attitude.

“In general there were no gameplay problems, the guys play really well, not any worse than their opponents,” Sydorenko said in the team’s new video series, Na’Vi Inside. “But the main problem, the reason of the TI failure was communication and psychological problems. The guys weren’t able to open up in their communication, get rid of small conflicts.

“In the end, it all snowballed to the point of no return, that’s it.”

Yevhen Zolotarov was quick to add that this is a problem with their Dota 2 players' personality types and that, though their CS:GO team has had similar issues, they are more likely to solves their problems through smack-talk and direct conflict resolution.

“I want to add that there are specific psychological types, we work with different rosters, for example [CS:GO players] can swear at each other, but it’s better than hidden dissatisfaction, hidden aggression, conflict,” Zolotarov said.

“But nonetheless specific of Dota 2 scene in general and psychological types of [Dota 2 players] are very introverted, they don’t like to share their concerns and they snowball into serious problems.”

As Na’Vi aren’t attending the Boston Major, the new rules requiring a team to have a locked roster will not apply to them, meaning they can scout for new members between now and April 2017. Given this latest bout of inner turmoil for the team, Na’Vi will be putting more emphasis on the psychology of their new players, as well as team cohesion.

“We will add three more people soon, there won’t be any tryouts, it’s a scouting, we focus on it lately,” Zolotarov said. “We have a very strong analyst in the roster, he created database of all the teams and the players. We pay attention to every aspect, later we will have interviews to consider the psychological side, because the game is one thing, but the psychology is the other.

“We have to find five people who will be ready to work under our new conditions.”

You can watch the full first episode of Na’Vi Inside, in which they cover the team’s troubles in greater detail, below.

Jess Colwill

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