Unikrn, November 18, 2016

Esports Coming Soon to Las Vegas Casinos?

Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood was invited to Las Vegas, Nevada earlier this week to present alongside others at the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee during a meeting which discussed policy on esports and daily fantasy sports (DFS).

Those presenting included Nevada Gaming Policy Chairman, A.G. Burnett, and the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval. The meeting lasted three hours and various topics related to the viability of esports and DFS in Nevada were discussed.

Rahul made the case for esports, sharing what Unikrn has been doing over the last two years, as well as our commitment to responsible gambling, ethics, and working with regulators through our tight partnership with Tabcorp. The committee was already familiar with Unikrn and Tabcorp and expressed appreciation for what we are doing as partners.

There was genuine enthusiasm in the room for esports, with many questions being asked, and comparisons to the UFC's recent success being made. The most interesting question was from Governor Sandoval who asked, “What is your recommendation to this committee?”

Rahul simply stated that they should allow casinos to take bets on esports under article 22. This would be a great start in helping to achieve their eventual goal of making Nevada the esports capital of the world.  

In the end, they moved a motion to approve esports betting and the motion was approved. In the same light, they didn’t change their stance on DFS. Essentially, it was a win for esports and a loss for DFS.  

We should also acknowledge the efforts put forth by Seth Schorr, CEO of Fifth Street Gaming and Chairman of Downtown Grand who has been working to integrate esports into Nevada casinos since 2015. Seth invited esports team Renegades to live and train at the Downtown Grand last year, and has hosted both viewing parties and tournament contests at a newly-developed location near the casino. He is also lobbying for various wagering formats for esports within casinos.

These are exciting times for Unikrn as we navigate the best path to creating the ultimate esports experience for casinos. Stay tuned, as we will have more news on this in the coming months!


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