Jess Colwill, November 21, 2016

Cloud9, Team SoloMid Sign Exclusive Partnership With Twitch

Amazon's streaming giant has come on board as a major sponsor of gaming teams Cloud9 and Team SoloMid with the intent of trying to bring additional sponsors onto the scene outside of traditional gaming advertisers.

Twitch will be exclusively representing the two teams in negotiations with other sponsors, offering them access to the combined audience of both teams.

“Twitch’s goal is to continually expand growth and revenue opportunities for our content creators, the true drivers of community creation,” explained Twitch COO Kevin Lin in a statement. “Our partnership with TSM and Cloud9 is long-standing and has helped pro players thrive in a growing live media ecosystem."

"This expanded partnership will also improve the overall health of the esports industry by providing more opportunities for players through long-term support in a more sustainable ecosystem.”

As part of this deal, Twitch will be the exclusive streaming platform for both TSM and Cloud9. Twitch currently reaches more than 10 million viewers every day, so it's safe to presume that TSM and Cloud9 won't mind this at all!

Amazon recently announced a Twitch Prime service which ties in with their existing Amazon Prime service. Taken in combination with this partnership announcement, and their recent acquisitions of Curse and GoodGame, it seems clear that Twitch will continue to make a solid push for dominance in the esports sector.

Jess Colwill

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