Jess Colwill, November 21, 2016

Brazilian State of Sao Paulo To Enshrine Esports Players as Legal Athletes

The Brazilian State of São Paulo is leading the way in recognizing esports players as legal, professional athletes. In fact, there's currently a bill under debate to allow for the regulation and growth of the esports industry.

The bill, which is titled PL 1512/2015, was initially presented over a year ago, and still has several hurdles to clear including the Finance, Budget, and Planning Committee of the Legislative Assembly.

State Representative Alexandre Pereira writes that “the State of São Paulo will give the opportunity for athletes to have legislation just like other types of sports,” according to MYCNB (via The Esports Observer).

The bill hopes to use regulation to make esports “accessible to all interested parties, so that it can promote intellectual development, contemporary sports culture, bringing together the other influences of Information and Communication TechnologiesICT, cultural training, providing socialization, fun and learning for children, adolescents, and adults".

A similar Federal bill, titled PL 3450/2015, hopes to achieve the same result nationwide and is currently making its way through the Committee of Sports.

Brazilian Congressman John Henry Holland Caldas (PSB-AL) writes that "video games are already a reality in Brazilian and world society" and claimed in his support of the measure that gaming resulted in an "improvement in cognitive abilities."

Jess Colwill

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