Jess Colwill, November 30, 2016

G2's Ocelote: We are Not in a Balanced System in LoL

The latest professional League of Legends player to opine on the state of the professional community is G2 owner and founder Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago.

Speaking to Yahoo! Esports, Ocelote made some interesting points with regard to why the current LoL system can never be a fair one.

“We are not in a balanced system in League of Legends,” he said in the video interview. “Why is that? Because players are in an open market territory, there is no salary cap. Therefore they can always have biddings for them up until whatever. There is no cap. So we clubs are paying salaries in an open market. However, we clubs are not receiving revenue in an open market."

“Let me explain. We [do] not have access to every partner we can. We are limited by simple rules of the league. Second of all, we cannot have access to media rights that theoretically, because we are a part of the broadcast, we should have access to. You can argue more or less… that we do not own the IP," Ocelote continued. 

"But because we appear, we are also entitled to part of the media rights. However because we do not have access to that, we are not able to generate the revenue in an open market. You see the imbalance? We pay salaries in an open market, but we do not receive money in an open market. Therefore, as long as we want to be a relevant team, we will always pay more than we will receive.”

Ocelote also spoke at length about the hot topic issue of relegation. Personally, he said that he’s a fan of the system and wouldn’t have been able to get where he is today without it. However, touching on his earlier point, he believes that the current system is unfair and unbalanced and cannot work the way it’s structured currently.

“In European Soccer, it is super rewarding,” he describes as an example. “So for teams from 2nd division to go up into 1st division, they spend money, they spend resources and they try to do as well as possible to try to get into that group that is very rewarding, economically speaking. The same with the 1st division teams, they don’t want to drop so they work hard so they don’t lose that."

“I feel like we miss that. Why would you have relegation if you don’t reward economically the teams that are in the 1st division enough. It kills the purpose.”

Ocelote makes some very interesting points. You can watch the full interview over at Yahoo! Esports.

Jess Colwill

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