Jess Colwill, December 5, 2016

Riot Rule Changes Put An End To Promotion Farming In NA League Challenger Series

Riot’s senior esports coordinator J. T. “Tiza” Vandenbree has ended long-running speculation by confirming that the company is putting a halt to the practice of “promotion farming” in the League of Legends Challenger Series.

“Promotion farming” occurs when professional League of Legends teams recruit a second “sister” roster with the intent of qualifying in Riot leagues. The rules of the League Challenger Series prevent one organization from owning two teams, so the second team is then sold off for profit".

"Spots in the LCS sold for around $1 million last year, making this a lucrative way for esports teams to earn some extra cash in what is already a cash-strapped and unprofitable environmentthe cause of much debate over the last several months."

“As of this year, LCS sister teams are not allowed to participate in Promotion,” wrote Vandenbree. “The incentive to ‘farm’ a CS spot is gone.”

“I can only confirm that NA is doing this,” he added. “EU makes their own choice on this.”

One team who runs a second LCS roster, Counter-Logic Gaming, has responded to the rule changes.

“We knew about this rule when we picked up our challenger team,” they wrote on Reddit. “Our players also knew this rule. Everyone understood that the team would not be able to be promoted to the LCS. The goal was always player development.”

“We're incredibly happy that fallenbandit, OmarGod, Tuesday, Zag, Fill, and Vulcan joined the CLG family. We really believe that they are some of the most talented players of the next generation.”

“The fact that they chose to join us despite not being able to participate in the LCS promotion tournament is a testament to their dedication and drive to become better players.”

Jess Colwill

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