Jess Colwill, December 7, 2016

Call of Duty World League 2017 will be Offline LAN with $4 Million Prize Pool

At the end of October, it was rumored that Activision was considering taking the Call of Duty World League offline from 2017. At the Playstation Experience Invitational on Saturday, those rumors were officially confirmed.

The CWL Global Pro LAN League will begin in April 2017 with sixteen teamsnine from North America, six European teams, and just one from the Asia Pacific region. It will take place at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, featuring a hefty $4 million prize pool.

Two CWL LAN events have been announced so far: the CWL Atlanta Open which will run from February 10-12, and the CWL Anaheim Open from June 16-18. Teams can compete in these events or through ladders and tournaments taking place in the GameBattles system to earn placement points into the Global Pro League.

The self-described “biggest tournament of the year,” the Call of Duty World Championship, has also been announced for sometime in the fall. Teams will be invited to qualify based on their performance in the World League.

Competitive changes are on the horizon as well, with Infinity Ward Community Manager Ashton Williams saying that Weapon Draft has been dropped and the competitive ruleset will be moving forward with Rig Draft only.

“With Rig Draft, the process has been altered to a super-fast 30 second time limit to allow games to start faster,” said Williams.

”After testing and feedback, the decision has been made to not move forward with the Weapon Draft and focus on the Rig Draft only. Every player should have the chance to make the biggest impact possible in any match, and use the weapon that they feel most comfortable with.”

Get the full details on the official Call of Duty website.

Jess Colwill

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