Tom Bramwell, December 9, 2016

Featured Match: Astralis vs OpTic Gaming

Man! Why do we have to wait so long for rematches in Counter-Strike? It's been almost a week since OpTic Gaming shocked the world and overcame Astralis to win ELEAGUE Season 2. Clearly, it's high time these two teams came together again in a major international esports competition.

Thank goodness for ECS Season 2 Finals, which bring us today's featured match.

Yes, it's the ELEAGUE Season 2 final all over again as OpTic Gaming take on Astralis, except this time it's the opening game of the ECS Season 2 Finals group stages in Anaheim. Group A is an NA-heavy affair with FaZe Clan and Cloud9 also involved, but this match is the one we're most excited about.

Can NAF and RUSH repeat their heroics to add this best-of-one feather to OpTic's cap and turn this rivalry into a bit of a thing? Or will Astralis reassert their strength in the way we originally expected? So far the smart money seems to be on the latter, but we'll see.

Will OpTic notch up another win, or is it payback time for Astralis? Place your bets!

Tom Bramwell

Tom is a British writer who used to work for Eurogamer and Riot Games. Increasingly obsessed with esports.