Jess Colwill, December 12, 2016

StarCraft 2 World Championship Details Announced, $2 Million In Prizes

Blizzard recently revealed the details for the upcoming StarCraft 2 World Championship, announcing a streamlining of the event structure from last year.

In 2017, teams will compete in three main championship events which directly seed into the end-of-year WCS Global Finals. These events are a mix of open brackets and regional challenger events.

The Global StarCraft 2 League (GSL) will continue in Korea, as Blizzard announces an ongoing partnership with AfreecaTV. Globally, circuit players will clash at four different DreamHack events: Austin, Summer, Valencia, and Montreal.

“Last year included a number of different events tied to the WCS system, some of which included a seed into the WCS Global Finals, while others merely awarded points,” says Blizzard. “This year we’re keeping it simple. Win and you’re in the WCS Global Finals.”

The IEM Katowice event will offer an early look at the end-of-year matchups between Korean and Circuit players, before an all-star “GSL vs. the World” event which is scheduled to take place mid-year in Korea “for your favorite Circuit and Korea pros to compete against each other.”

Blizzard also announced a calendar of events, which outlines the rough dates of each event. IEMs Katowice and Gyeonggi will be the first to kick off, along with GSL Season 1 in December through March.

This event structure will continue into 2018, with Blizzard publicly committing to “supporting this structure and prizing over the next two years for WCS Korea and the WCS Circuit.”

You can read the full details at Blizzard’s website.

Jess Colwill

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