Tom Bramwell, December 14, 2016

Featured Match: Team Liquid vs Giants Gaming

Nothing signals the end of the professional League of Legends season with more authority than the closing ceremony of All-Star - and hey, what a fun tournament that was - but apparently nobody told Intel Extreme Masters, because IEM Gyeonggi is taking place this week and eight teams from around the world are competing for a $100,000 prize pool.

Including, of course, the two teams contesting today's featured match!

Team Liquid vs Giants Gaming at IEM Gyeonggi

We scoured the web to find a previous example of Liquid playing Giants and couldn't, which presumably means they've played like a dozen times and the comments will now be full of bile. Oh well! But whether they have or not, this will feel like an entirely fresh contest given that both teams have seen big roster upheaval in the offseason to date.

Liquid are clear favourites for this and it will be interesting - exciting, even! - to see how they do following the addition of jungler Reignover and the return of ADC Piglet to the starting line-up. Both players have pedigree but have flattered to deceive recently. Is this the start of something bold and new for Liquid, or will Giants send them splashing back to earth?

Tom Bramwell

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