Mike Stubbs, January 2, 2017

Your New Year's Resolutions for CS:GO

Lose some weight, save more money, cook a proper meal every day. These are all acceptable new year's resolutions, but pretty boring, and will probably be broken by this time next week. The problem with these examples is that they actually require a lot of effort and are extra things to factor into our daily lives. This is why the best new year's resolutions involve making positive changes in the things we already do, so what better place to start than where you live and breathein Counter-Strike.

Regardless of how good you are there will always be things you can work on in your game, whether it’s keeping that positive attitude or making sure that everyone on your team is equipped for the upcoming round. Chances are that none of us are perfect, often choosing to hoard our money just in case we need it later or smoking off a route without thinking how it could totally screw over the rest of the team’s plans.

But fear not. In this time of reflection and improving ourselves we have prepared all the CS:GO new year's resolutions you will ever need. Adopt all of them and you will be playing with the pros in no time, but even just trying to work on one or two will surely see you win a few more games in 2017.  

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CS:GO weapons drop

I Promise to Drop More Often for Others, and not Just a Pistol

Remember that time when you screwed up, gave the opponents a comeback chance and then got to 15-14 in your favor but no money to buy anything? All is seemingly lost but then you notice that your teammate has a wad of cash left over, and could easily buy you that AK to win the round, but instead decides to stand there then rush off to B and die instantly leaving you with nothing but a smoke and whatever he dropped in the middle of the tunnels. You do remember. Everyone remembers. Pepperidge Farm remembers.

You may not have realized it but you are still bitter about this time. So now whenever a teammate begs that you gift them something with a little more punch than a P2000 you think “No, I may need this massive wad of cash in the next round.” This is not the way to win a game of CS:GO.

Teamwork is key, and while aim and reactions will always be pretty important in CS, a good team should be able to win above all else. This sometimes means sacrificing that nice chunk of change to help out a struggling teammate. Sure you could drop something on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but chances are that in a full buy round they will be the first to die, and if they're last to die then how are they going to clutch with that peashooter? If however you throw an AWP in their direction the round isn't automatically yours (unless you're queuing with Coldzera), but you've got a better chance. Obviously don’t screw yourself over in the round, but if you can give someone a fighting chance by sacrificing a single Molotov then it’s the right thing to do.

I Will Buy a Kit Instead of Hoping That Someone Else Will 

How many times have you lost a round, or even a game, because you didn’t have a kit? It’s probably more than once if you have played more than ten games of CS in your life and it can be very infuriating. But of course it wasn’t your fault, you needed to save money just in case you died in that round so you couldn’t afford one, and XXX_SnipesKing123_XXX should have purchased one instead.

Shifting the blame is easy, especially onto someone with a name like XXX_SnipesKing123_XXX, but ultimately a loss because of a lack of a kit can always be put on your shoulders if you have the money but didn’t buy one. Hell, just one kit on a team can be the difference between looking like a badass with a last second defuse or looking like a fool running from the bomb at full speed, praying it won’t kill you and your precious AWP. Kits win games. Buy one, win, and be the hero we all deserve in 2017.

CSGO smokes

I Will Not Throw Smokes Without Calling it Firstor After Others Ignore My Calls

Usually pushing through a smoke with no info on opponent positions is not a good idea, and fortunately most CS:GO players have the intelligence to realize this. This also means that you can pretty much put a stop to any ill-advised push from your teammates by ‘accidentally’ dropping a smoke right where they are heading. This can save lives, but it can also be abused.

It’s not uncommon for someone to take up the role of in-game leader in any match. After all, if it works for the pros it should probably work in a pub. But this can create tension, someone might not agree with the call and there may be a mutiny. The best way to deal with this is to either A) talk it out, or B) relinquish control. What you shouldn't doand what we totally have never ever done before at allis hinder the mutineers' new plans by throwing AWOL smokes to block them. Basically, just because someone didn’t listen does not give you authority to try and throw the match.  

I Will Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude no Matter How Incompetent My Teammates Are

In the grand scheme of things CS:GO’s matchmaking systems aren't actually all that bad. More times than not you will get a competitive game with people of similar skill, and it all works out well. Of course, there are times when you get matched with someone who isn’t quite the ideal teammate. They may be angry, they may rush B and die every single round, they may insist on only buying Dual Berettas and crouching around the map stealthily.

If there is anything that it would be okay to be tilted by it's probably the Berettas thing as that never works, but as we know it is never okay to be tilted. This is where we need to work on our positive mental attitude. Sure XXX_SnipesKing123_XXX might be back and messing around, but instead of declaring the game lost why not try and talk some sense into him politely, or if that fails, try and work around his tactics. Maybe him squatting off with Dual Berettas will draw out a few people to kill him, who you can then shoot in the face for the greater good. Call it 'trading practice'.

It sure isn’t easy, but staying positive in the face of adversity will have a major impact on that win percentage, and will make a very small part of the world a slightly better place. After all, we all know who is going to come out on top if you get into a screaming match against XXX_SnipesKing123_XXX. Hint: it’s probably not you.

We know that none of these things are particularly easy, and we know that it’s simpler just to blame other circumstances for every single lost round that totally wasn't your fault, but even just adopting one of these new year's resolutions will probably have a big impact not just on how well you do, but how much you enjoy playing. Change something up a bit, have some more fun and have a great time pwning some n00bs in 2017.

Mike Stubbs

Mike is a UK esports writer who writes for MCV, Red Bull, VICE, PC Gamer and many others.