Jess Colwill, January 5, 2017

Featured Match: Newbee vs Team NP

The ESL One Genting games continue, and today we’re shining our spotlight on Newbee and NP as they prepare to square off in Group A matches. This will be one to watch as these two have only clashed once in the past, butting heads in The Boston Major earlier this year where Newbee came out on top, beating NP 2-0a fairly rough start for Team NP who only formed last year after The International 2016.

Newbee vs Team NP at ESL One Genting

By contrast, Newbee’s 2016 has been mostly outstanding, with the acquisition of kaka and kpii turning the team’s dismal 2015 performance around and leading them to first place in the Dota 2 Professional League Season 2, as well as solid second-place spots at China Top 2016 and MarsTV’s Dota 2 League for Autumn.

The good money is on Newbee to pull another triumph over the real newbies at NP, but life is full of surprises and NP have a lot to prove. They’ll be working extra hard to make sure they start 2017 off with a bang and Newbee might just be unfortunate enough to get in their way. What do you reckon? Let us know!

Jess Colwill

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