Jess Colwill, January 9, 2017

PEA Shuts Down CS:GO League Officially

Following last week’s decision by North American Counter-Strike: GO players to choose the ESL Pro League (EPL) over the PEA league, the Professional Esports Association (PEA) has announced that it will be suspending plans for their expected CS:GO league.

The saga began when the PEA tried to force their team's players to drop out of the EPL against their wishes, eventually laying down an ultimatumthey could play in the EPL or the PEA league but not both. On hearing this, players all-but-unanimously voted to stay in the EPL.

As a result, it was rumored that the shuttering of the PEA’s plans for a CS:GO league might come to pass. With a majority vote from its member teamsTeam SoloMid, Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Liquid, NRG, Immortals, and Complexity the rumor has become reality.

“It has become clear to the PEA organizations that there isn’t sufficient financial support in the ecosystem, either from broadcast/streaming partners, sponsors or others, to profitably operate a third prominent online league, due to the oversaturation of the marketplace and the recent upward spiral in operating costs,” the statement from the PEA read.

“Though the agreements which the players negotiated and signed with the organizations give the organizations the right to decide where players compete (as with all team sports contracts), the PEA organizations decided to do the PEA CS:GO league only if a majority of the players said they wanted to play in PEA rather than EPL.”

While this is only being labeled a suspension, suggesting the viability of a CS:GO league could be revisited later, Noah Whinston mentioned in the PEA’s previous open letter that in this case, they would begin looking at other options.

“If the only option for the PEA is to lose money by functioning as yet another year-round CSGO league, we’ll instead devote the PEA league’s resources to other game titles where over-saturation is less of a problem.”

Hopefully this means the end of the ongoing conflict between the PEA and its teams but as usual, we will keep you up to date on any further developments.

Jess Colwill

Jess is a writer and dog-lover from the eastern coast of Australia, who loves playing games (particularly anything by BioWare), listening to metal, baking, and fostering rescue dogs while they wait for new homes. You can find her on Twitter at @notsocryptic.