Jess Colwill, January 9, 2017

ESL Pro League to Stream Exclusively on YouTube Gaming

According to a report from Slingshot, a new partnership has been reached between YouTube and the World Esports Association (WESA). This partnership specifies exclusivity rights regarding the streaming of the ESL Pro League on YouTube Gaming.

The ESL Pro League recently secured the participation of most North American teams during a public spat with WESA’s NA equivalent, the PEA. With this latest development, it may turn out to have been a wise decision financially for the players, as WESA could potentially find themselves with plenty of revenue to share with its participating teams.

If the report is true it will be a big win for YouTube Gaming, which officially launched last year as Google tries to muscle into the space occupied by Twitchwho they unsuccessfully bid for back in 2014, only to be beaten by Amazon.

Since then, Amazon has been working hard to make Twitch more attractive, offering Twitch Prime subscriptions that bring many of the benefits of Amazon’s enormous retailer footprint to streaming users.

Neither YouTube nor WESA confirmed the partnership officially, but sources close to the decision assure Slingshot of its accuracy.

Season 5 of the ESL Pro League begins on February 7th with the LAN finals concluding the event on June 3-4 in Dallas, Texas.

Jess Colwill

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