Tom Bramwell, January 10, 2017

How CS:GO's Inferno Changes Fixed Everything the Pros Hated

Inferno is settling into its new look, and is now beginning to feel fresh, yet familiar, like breaking in a favorite pair of jeans when they’re crisp from the dryer. Pros were more than happy to see changes to what they considered a map sorely in need of a shake-up, but what have they discovered after a few matches on the village streets?

Banana Flambé

One of the biggest changes for Inferno is definitely Banana, once one of the most difficult routes of any bomb site. That it was B’s only viable route on the map for attackers didn’t make it any more viable as cramped quarters and some messy props gave defenders plenty of options to deal with any number of Terrorists rushing up the alley.

Now, a much wider Banana stops a single smoke from filling the road completely, while the infamous car at the top is replaced by more uniform boxes. The regular square shapes stand out better against a brighter billboard behind, making player silhouettes more immediately recognizable. It’s a lot harder for Counter-Terrorists to lurk back and wait for the shooting gallery to commence.

Inferno's fountain got fun-sized
Inferno's fountain is a bit more fun-sized.

Bombsite B

Once onto the site, attackers will notice the fountain square a lot cleaner and easier on the eye. A general aim of Inferno’s latest renovation has been to reduce clutter, and B was one of the biggest offenders in this category. Barrels are easier to fade into the background, the fountain itself is much smaller, and a lot has been done to aid player recognition for snap aiming on the retake or initial attack.

Among these changes, defenders on the site can no longer AWP peek through the gap in Newbox at the back left and are forced to hold "fairer" angles. Making the game more about anticipating enemy positions and using utility or movement to better approach eliminates the sour note left by an unseen sniper getting an easy pick. It’s all for the greater good.

Inferno's A Site open for smokes
Inferno's A Site open for smokes.

Bombsite A

On the other site, things are continuing along the theme of opening up and airing out claustrophobic areas. For the site itself, the roof is gone, creating world of new possibilities. For grenades, the sky is now quite literally the limit, with the skybox being the only thing that can get in the way of grenade throws onto the site. For snipers, the lack of roof opens up a bunch of new long-range positions to hold Balcony from, including all the way back in Library.

Pit is also much larger, however, certain unfair positions have also been paved over to redress the balance. Balcony itself is bigger as well, so if you were having trouble getting out the door in a rush, that shouldn’t be an issue much longer than the two seconds you have to live once you run out into the blinding sunlight with no cover.

T-spawn and The Mids

The final changes saw middle, second middle, and T-spawn get a bit closer to each other with a stairway choice straight out of spawn onto alt-mid. This means attackers can get out onto the road below apartments in record time, so there’s little chance of being caught out by a waiting sniper in dark. In accordance with being asked for more space, Vietnam is also a lot roomier, being able to stand up fully at least for part of the underground tunnel before being forced to crouch to exit the mid-side drainage channel.

Tom Bramwell

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