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ELEAGUE Major - Day 2 Predictions

CS:GO’s tenth major has finally kicked off yesterday, and it already has us on our toes after yesterday's matches. Most surprising was GODSENT upsetting Astralis (who are the favourites to win the major), giving them a serious beatdown on Train. While the upset probably led to thousands of Pick’Em players crying out in anguish, Astralis still has a very good chance to win their next three consecutive matches and make the playoffs.
Today also holds some promising matchups for us, so without further ado, let’s see who will emerge victorious from the upcoming bloodbath.

(1.8) Mousesports vs HellRaisers (1.95)

The first match of the days is already a quite even matchup. Both mouz and HellRaisers started the major with a quite inelegant beatdown from their respective opponents and failed to reach double digits in their matches. While witnessing yesterday’s matches might make you vary of betting on either team, I would still marginally favour mousesports. Even though they got embarrassed yesterday by Na’Vi, it is quite obvious that they have prepared a lot for the event, demonstrated by the pistol round strategy they tried against the CIS team.

HellRaisers also had some respectable rounds against SK Gaming, however their track record against mousesports is quite bleak. Out of the five maps they have played against them, they only won a single one. The silver lining for them is that their single map victory happened at a tournament. The match can go either way, but the odds suggest mouz will be taking this.

(1.47) Natus Vincere vs EnVyUs (2.6)

While EnVyUs seem to be on an upward trend after winning WESG, I see no reason why Na’Vi shouldn’t be taking this handily. The Frenchmen almost let the game against Liquid yesterday spiral out of their control despite reaching match point while Liquid was still in single digits.
Since adding SIXER to their lineup, EnVy has met Na’Vi only twice (both matches online) and won one of the matches in overtime. I am giving this game to Na’Vi, especially considering the rumors of a large scale French shuffle happening after the major. We all know what happened the last time a French team set to change players decided to play in a tournament.

(1.61) SK Gaming vs FaZe Clan (2.25)

This match might be one of the most interesting games of today. A lot of people tend to write SK off for using fox as a standin, but the truth is that the Brazilians still have an incredible amount of raw fragpower on their team regardless of who their fifth is. When talking about fragpower though, FaZe is another team which should be brought up, considering their arsenal of skilled players boosted by the tactical prowess of Karrigan. These two teams last met at IEM Oakland with fnx still playing for the Brazilians, and FaZe won the BO1 quite convincingly. We should assume though that since then, both teams have studied each other and have adapted their play accordingly. Most people favour SK Gaming for this one, but I suggest playing the odds and putting a small bet on FaZe in hopes for an upset.

(1.7) FlipSid3 Tactics vs Team Liquid (2.1)

I believe it is safe to say that after yesterday’s heroic plays from Liquid, a lot of viewers are left impressed and hopeful for the team’s next few matches at the major. After watching EliGE drop 48 frags and jdm’s insane 1v5, one can see that these are not baseless hopes, and Liquid might indeed have a chance to have a respectable run at this event. FlipSid3 on the other hand, was shut down by FaZe on Nuke and makes us wonder which version of FlipSid3 will show up to play today. We all know what WorldEdit is capable of when he picks up the AWP, but there is a lot of uncertainty heading into this match. I suggest skipping this match, but if you are hell-bent on betting, I would go with FlipSid3.

(2.05) Fnatic vs North (1.73)

If we only take the first half of yesterday’s Fnatic vs G2 game in consideration, it could be written off as one of the most exciting games of the major so far, with players from both teams showing up and doing great plays. The truth is however, that there are two halves to a game and Fnatic lost the second one in a quiet inelegant fashion, matching G2’s 10 rounds with only a single one from their part. Coming into their match against North today, there is not a lot of hope for the Swedes even though North was trounced by Gambit yesterday. When taking their past results in account, the only way Fnatic wins this is if something goes seriously wrong in the North camp.

An upset is possible, however you are probably better off taking North for this one.

(2.25) OpTic Gaming vs Astralis (1.61)

With that, we head into one of the most unpredictable matches of today. There is already quiet a rivalry between these two teams considering they both denied a tournament title from each other at the ELEAGUE S2 finals and the ECS S2 finals. OpTic put up a quite impressive fight against on Cobblestone yesterday, only narrowly losing to the Polish giants, while Astralis was suprised by GODSENT and lost Train 16:6 against the Swedes. OpTic’s result isn’t really surprising, and Astralis’ lost can be explained by the fact that Train is GODSENT’s best map and the Swedes have prepared against Astralis on it in advance. When it comes to 50-50 matches like these, I would suggest throwing some money on the team with the longer odds (in this case OpTic) and see what will happen. This match can go either way.

(1.9) Gambit vs GODSENT (1.85)

We arrive to two underdogs who have both made some Danish fans quite upset. While some have expected Gambit’s victory against North yesterday, GODSENT’s victory came out of the blue and surprised most of the viewers. It is no secret that the Swedes have prepared a lot for the event, however Gambit has also shown that they are not here to play around. The last time they have met, Gambit beat them in a BO3 series at DreamHack Winter, knocking them out of the tournament. While I have a feeling that Gambit could be favoured for this one, GODSENT’s unpredictable result yesterday leaves me cautious about betting on this match.

If both teams will play like they did yesterday, this one will come down to the wire so bet on whichever you feel more confident in.

(1.67) vs G2 Esports (2.15)

This match might be closer than most of us imagine. Virtus had a hard time putting OpTic down, but managed to seal the deal and avoid going to overtime. G2 had an impressive game against Fnatic and the plays from RpK and shox gives us hope for the French side heading into this matchup. Interestingly enough, G2 has a great track record against the Poles online, however are the ones who have a higher win rate in offline matches. Naturally, the safest option here would be to bet on, but G2 definitely have upset potential so it might be worth more to put a small bet on them.

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