Blaze 'Draulon' Lengyel, January 26, 2017

ELEAGUE Major - Quarterfinals Predictions

The ELEAGUE Major heads into the playoffs, and the plot thickens. Teams such as OpTic Gaming and G2 Esports were knocked out, while surprising many, Fnatic and Gambit successfully defended their Legends status.

With the playoff bracket drawn, we sit down to investigate who might make the elusive top four for your CS:GO betting needs.

(1.48) Natus Vincere vs. Astralis (2.55)

We are presented with an intense matchup straight off the bat, pitching together two teams which are heavy contenders to win the major. The way these two teams qualified for the playoffs, however, was way different. Na’Vi plowed through the groups, crushing mouz, EnVyUs and SK Gaming, losing a total of six rounds in the process, while Astralis made it as close as possible, winning two and losing two.

Luckily their decider game was against Team Liquid, which they won quite handily. Which begs the question... would the Danes still be here if they were paired up against a stronger team than Liquid?

Since no one really gave Na’Vi a run for their money yet, they still remain a bit obscure in the terms of what they are capable of. Astralis is capable of pushing them to all three maps if they play the veto correctly, but I sincerely believe Na’Vi will pull through on the third map. The truth is though that this is much closer of a matchup than the odds would suggest, so with these odds, it might worth more for you to go small on Astralis.

(1.66) Fnatic vs. Gambit Gaming (2.15)

This has to be the match that I feel the strongest about in the quarterfinals. Both teams got here by defeating opponents such as North, GODSENT, EnVyUs and FaZe, however, Gambit seems like a much more structured team like Fnatic. While neither can boast perfect plays, Zeus calling on Gambit helps them be a more organized and tactical team than Fnatic.

The Swedes seem to have several rounds where confusion spreads on the team and they fall apart all too fast. The fact that Gambit has the longer odds here makes it  a no-brainer to throw a bet on them. If Fnatic wants to win this, all of their players have to bring out a vintage performance to overcome Gambit’s powerhouse.

North was as close as possible to elimination before pulling through.
North was as close as possible to elimination before pulling through.

(1.7) vs. North (2.1)

North’s revival reminded us of EnVyUs’ feat at the major qualifiers, losing the first two matches, then winning three in a row to qualify. Perhaps such a performance is even more impressive at a major, as things looked really bleak for the Danes after losing their opening games, but they managed to rally and make it to the playoffs after winning two of their games in overtime.

On the other hand, joined Na’Vi in having a flawless group stage and winning all three games required to make it to the playoffs. While all three were reasonably close, we have to be more confident in their performance as opposed to North’s who were as close as possible to elimination.

The games I saw so far from North were quite uncharacteristic, perhaps it is the pressure of performing at a major getting to them. However, it leads me to believe that will be taking this one. If the stars of North show up on the server and play to the best of their abilities, this series should go all three maps, but if the pressure gets to them, I see the Polish veterans grinding through.

(1.56) SK Gaming vs. FaZe Clan (2.35)

After locking horns in the group stage, SK and FaZe meet once again to decide which gets to head on to the semifinals. Their group stage match might be a good indicator of what their upcoming BO3 series will be like. Pulling through in overtime, SK Gaming won only narrowly against FaZe. The one day break allows both of these teams to prepare for each other, making this game even more of a coin flip.

Once again, it comes down to the map vetoes. Although, FaZe has a slight advantage considering they don’t have to play with a stand-in like SK. Like at every 50-50 game, I advise you to play the odds, bet on the underdog and hope for the best.

FaZe definitely has it in them to pull through but the outcome of this match might come down to a simple mistake made by one of the teams.

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