Tom Bramwell, January 26, 2017

Major Highlight: K0nfig's Incredible Knife Kill

The ELEAGUE Major group stage is over and the Legends are taking a well-deserved day off before things get extremely real in the quarterfinals. What shall we do in the meantime? I know, let's watch k0nfig knife znajder in overtime during North vs GODSENT.

With so much on the line, k0nfig's decision to pull out the knife drew scorn from the casters and, judging by the post-match interviews, nearly drove his team-mates to despair. As Magisk put it in an interview with Swedish site fragbite, "I was actually yelling, 'Kill the f***ing idiot!'"

"I really wanted him to just kill him, just win the round, because it's so important for me, but he got the knife kill, we won the round, that's what matters. But I was not pleased with how he did it."

Nor was the rest of k0nfig's team...

Still, it was an incredible moment of instinctive play in one of the most dramatic contexts imaginable—a qualify-or-be-eliminated grudge match between two Scandinavian powerhouses—so if nobody else is going to say it, we will. Thanks, k0nfig!

Make sure you watch the match if you haven't already.

The ELEAGUE Major resumes on Friday, January 27th, when North will face in one of four heavyweight quarterfinals.

Tom Bramwell

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