Chris Higgins, January 30, 2017

Play of the Major: Olof's Smoke Defuse Gives Fnatic a Last Gasp

The ELEAGUE Major may have been won, quite rightfully, by Astralis but there's plenty to be said of the performance of fellow legends Fnatic.

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Not quite the juggernauts they once were, making it to the playoffs and then even to the semi-finals was a welcome surprise for the beleaguered Swedes.

However, coming up against the eventual Major winners Astralis there may not have been the draw they were looking for. Still, the old dogs made a good run of it, throwing everything they had into their first map on Cache. 

Olof "Olofmeister" Kjabjer showed he still had a few tricks up his sleeve with a well-executed smoke defuse to tie up the match, taking what little time he had left to sow seeds of doubt into Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander's mind.

But as we all know: pros don't fake. GGWP, olof! But congrats to Astralis on their eventual win in overtime, and the tournament itself in the finals against

Chris Higgins

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