Jess Colwill, February 1, 2017

Riot Banning Sister Teams from EU LCS

Riot have released a list of expected changes coming to the European LCS and Challenger Series and some are a little more hardcore than anticipated.

While you may remember changes to both the EU and NA LCS and CS tournaments were announced in December of last year, the change to the 'sister team' policy is far more severe than was expected.

Back in December, we were told the NA LCS teams with sister teams in the Challenger Series would no longer be allowed to participate in the Promotion Tournament. This was a huge and controversial decision that was meant to remove the incentive for organisations to have a 'farm team' – a tactic many organisations relied on for extra income, something that has been an area of hot and angry discussion in recent months.

According to this updated list though, as of the 2017 Summer Split, EU organisations will no longer be allowed to have participating sister teams, period.

“We’re introducing changes to rules around team ownership in two phases this year,” it reads. “In Spring Split, ownership of one LCS and one CS team is still permitted, but starting from Summer Split, owning only one team within either LCS or CS will be allowed.”

And that’s it – there’s no reasoning or justification to be found from Riot's side. theScore Esports reached out to Riot for clarification that this new rule will only be affecting EU teams and not NA team, which they have confirmed. At least, for now.

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Jess Colwill

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