Tom Bramwell, February 7, 2017

Play of the Weekend: Lulu... steals Baron?

League of Legends is a very team-oriented game at the moment and anyone who relies on individual skill at the expense of carefully organized macro is not going to get that far in professional competition. That doesn't mean you don't get the odd hero play, however.

Take our Play of the Weekend, which stretches the bounds of credulity somewhat (although probably not as much as it stretches the definition of "Play of the Weekend", since this match took place last Thursday). Unicorns of Love, who have been coasting along in Group B of the 2017 EU LCS, are in a tough spot in the first game of their best-of-three against Splyce when Hylissang makes a desperate attempt to deny Baron. With Lulu.

Support Lulu.

Not only does he steal Baron, but he does it just after the team's vision has run out as all five members of Splyce chunk the monster down, so it was an absolute Hail Mary play. It wasn't enough to help the Unicorns win that game, but they went on to claim the series 2-1, cementing their undefeated position at the top of the Group B standings. You can check out the full match and stats over on

Unicorns play Giants this week, but the big one comes next Thursday, February 16, when they take on G2 Esports, currently sitting undefeated at the top of Group A. You'll also be able to see Unicorns on the international stage again soon - they'll be competing at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice in Poland, hoping to build on their victory at IEM Oakland.

Tom Bramwell

Tom is a British writer who used to work for Eurogamer and Riot Games. Increasingly obsessed with esports.