Blaze 'Draulon' Lengyel, February 8, 2017

Danish Awper Jakob JUGi Hansen Left on the Bench After Transfer Disagreements

Following the announcement that Heroic benched their main awper, Michael "Friis" Jørgensen, the Danish organization has been on the lookout for an apt replacement. Rumors of Tricked eSports' Jakob "JUGi" Hansen being signed as Heroic's new sniper turned out to be true, however, it turns out that unless the two organizations can come to an agreement, it might be months before Jakob can play with the teammates he desires. published an interview with the owner of Tricked eSports, Morten Jensen, who explained that they were surprised after they learned that Jakob wanted to join Heroic, but decided to negotiate a transfer nevertheless. Although, the negotiations came to a standstill and resulted in Tricked benching the aforementioned awper, citing that they do not wish to invest in a player who is set to leave the team.

It then came to light that Jakob signed a contract with Heroic, starting immediately next year, so unless the two organizations come to an agreement, he will be warming the bench for the next eleven months.

I reached out to Heroic to ask for a comment on Jakob's situation:

Needless to say, we’re happy that we have been able to sign one of the most talented players in Denmark from 2018 for Heroic. Right from the start, Heroic have been a top 20 team with the potential to become top 10 worldwide. We have a clear strategy in regards to profiles and players to include on the Heroic roster, and I am confident, JUGi will be a perfect match in this context. 

JUGi will be a part of an international top side, and he will immediately be a part of a team on the international scene. At the same time, the RFRSH set-up provides facilities and an organization, designed to help the individual players and thereby JUGi, the teams and the sport in general and to elevate the sport to a higher level on all parametres.

My basic belief is that this is to the benefit for all, including other teams and players. Our mission is exactly that: To contribute to the Development of the Danish and international CS:GO scene by providing resources, physical as well as organizational wise, which ultimately will support Building an even stronger base for CS:GO on all levels. 

Our general policy is not to comment transfers, contracts or any negotiation details, but we do want to make it clear that we only offered JUGi a contract for 2018 after it became clear, we would not be able to come to an agreement with Tricked for a transfer in 2017 and after Tricked benched him. We do things in an orderly fashion both in regards to players’ conditions, teams and in our organization. This is also the case when it comes to the signing of players and any negotiation thereof.

I would like to stress that we in no way have been out to ”sabotage” any other team, as it is mentioned. This is not and will never be our purpose. On the contrary, we strive always to talk to our colleagues in other organizations like North, NiP, Virtus Pro etc, in regards to developing the sports together.  You will also see competing teams, Danish and international, use our new facilities for training, bootcamps, etc. We truly see an interesting future for the sport and in this perspective, all teams and organizations play important roles.

Header Credit: Tricked eSports 

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