Chris Higgins, February 13, 2017

Play of the Weekend: Monkey King too slippery for OG

This weekend's Elimination Mode tournament had enough jukes and moves to make you throw your Dota 2 bets out the window. Especially if you were an OG fan.

The Greek underdogs of Ad Finem put on a masterclass of deception and mischief with the only hero who can put on such a show as MaybeNextTime juked his way out of a full five-man showdown while his pals sieged OG's bottom barracks.

You can almost hear the pain (and see the pings) as each of OG's methods of stopping the treetop-leaping Monkey King narrowly misses the mark. From a team-blocked Clockwerk hookshot, to a Windranger powershot taking out every tree except the one MTN is perched atop, it is a cavalcade of errors.

Maybe next time, OG. If you want to put money on this happening again, have a look through the upcoming Dota 2 betting slips we've got waiting.

Chris Higgins

Chris is the silent solo support.