Chris Higgins, February 20, 2017

Play of the Weekend: Snax back at it again with an AWP

As and SK Gaming threw down in Las Vegas last night, plenty were anxious to see who got their hands on the DreamHack Masters trophy.

None moreso than Snax, whose stellar performance just a few short weeks ago fell agonisingly short of winning the ELEAGUE Major for the Polish side, narrowly missing the odds on our CS:GO bets.

In fact, Snax was so eager not to let that happen again that he stepped up even harder than before, with this 4K on Cobble to help ensure his team beat their Brazilian rivals.

It's a perfect close hold in the most hectic part of Cobblestone's B site during an otherwise well-executed push by SK. But quick thinking and even quicker flicks put a stop to everything to close out the half in style.

If it's not looking that exciting to you, look again with the X-rays turned off. What a god.

Chris Higgins

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