Chris Higgins, February 27, 2017

Play of the Weekend: Every day I'm scuttlin'

IEM Katowice's first leg is over as the League of Legends fans retreat from Spodek arena to make way for CS:GO this weekend. So there's still plenty of action to place your esports bets on.

But looking back on the action this weekend, there were some truly astounding shows of skill from both sides of the semi-finals. Fighting for EU's pride, and a place in the final, H2k didn't manage much more than a respectable 2-1 loss to eventual champions Flash Wolves.

However there were still flashes of brilliance from the European side as they struggled against the Koreans, with some luck and extreme swaggering from Jankos' Ivern.

Of course, it's all in the Scuttle Crab, so we can't give all the glory to Jankos. Call it a joint Play of the Weekend for both of them.

To catch up on what else IEM has to offer this weekend when the world's best CS:GO teams show up to Katowice, keep your eye on the Unikrn betting book.

Chris Higgins

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