Jess Colwill, March 5, 2017

Overwatch's New Hero Is Orisa, The Defensive 'Anchor-Tank' Omnic

After weeks of hinting, teasing and speculation, Blizzard have unceremoniously announced that the new hero, an omnic by the name of Orisa, is available to play on the Overwatch PTR.

As explained by Overwatch lead Jeff Kaplan, Orisa is an “anchor-tank”, designed to be similar to Reinhardt in the way that a team can build around them for a solid push, an “anchor point” from which the team can do their work.

Orisa abilities

Orisa’s abilities seem to combine aspects of multiple other heroes, with good long-range damage, an alternate fire mode that can push and pull enemies similar to Zarya’s graviton surge, and an ultimate that seems like a portable area-effect version of Ana’s nano boost.

This newly-created omnic also has the ability to Fortify herself, protecting her from physical effects such as being knocked down by Reinhardt or pushed off a bridge by Pharah.

Her most commonly-used ability on the battlefield will no doubt be Protective Barrier, which drops a shield for her team to take cover behind. The shield is not as large or as durable as Reinhardts, but she does not need to maintain it and can move away once it has been set up.

See Orisa’s origin story in the video below and hit up the official Overwatch site for more information.

Jess Colwill

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