Sinisa Bucan, March 10, 2017

Overwatch Carbon Series – The Story So Far and What's Next

The Overwatch Carbon Series tournament is already underway, but there’s still a long way to go before a winner is determined, so don’t forget to bet on your favourites. Six top North American teams (LG Evil, Renegades, Complexity, Immortals, LG Loyal, and Team Liquid) play in a double round robin group stage. The best four teams will qualify to the playoffs, determined by best-of-five matches in a double elimination format. You can watch the tournament on Carbon Entertainment’s official Twitch channel.

The Story So Far

Immortals have been branded as the favourites of this tournament, but they haven’t been justifying that title so far. When Overwatch Carbon Series kicked off, Immortals were the #2 ranked team in both the world and North America. However, after losing to LG Loyal and LG Evil, they now occupy the #3 rank.

LG Evil have now replaced Immortals as the second top-ranked team in the world and North America. LG Evil were known as Hammers Esports until this week, when the team was acquired by Luminosity Gaming. The acquisition seems to have already payed off as LG Evil has been unstoppable in this tournament. They’ve won all six matches so far by beating Team Liquid, Complexity, Immortals, and their fellow Luminosity Gaming brethren, LG Loyal.

Overwatch Carbon Series - LG Evil
Overwatch Carbon Series - LG Evil

Renegades have been something of a surprise of the tournament. Currently ranked #10 in North America and #25 on the global scene, they have been doing better than expected at this tournament. They have four wins (they beat both LG Loyal and Team Liquid twice) and only one loss against Complexity, in what was a very close match that ended 3-2 in Complexity’s favour.

LG Loyal are definitely underperforming at this tournament. They’ve managed to beat favourites Immortals, but they lost every single match except that one. They’re currently at the bottom of the list, along with Team Liquid. Ironically, Team Liquid have only beaten LG Loyal, and have 5 losses, just like LG Loyal.

State of the Meta

The meta has not changed considerably since Overwatch Carbon Series kicked off. The vast majority of teams alternate between a traditional 2-2-2 and the three-tank team composition. As we’ve seen in this week’s match between LG Evil and Immortals, both teams employed three tanks on Eichenwalde. LG Evil went with Reinhardt, D.Va, and Roadhog whereas Immortals favoured Zarya over D.Va. Immortals switched to 2-2-2 on Temple of Anubis, with Nomy playing Winston.

When it comes to support heroes, Lucio and Ana are still essential picks, but Zenyatta does make an appearance here and there. Things are a lot less clear-cut regarding tanks. All tank heroes are viable, it just depends on the situation and player proficiency with a particular hero. As for DPS, Soldier: 76 is still the top dog, but Genji, McCree, and Tracer are more than viable.

What’s Coming Up Next

The tournament continues Monday, 13 March in what could be the most interesting match of the tournament thus far. Immortals and Renegades are playing their first match in this tournament. The situation is clear. Immortals need to win if they want to move away from the bottom and move up on the list. On the other hand, we’re sure that Renegades will do everything in their power to keep their #2 spot, and quite possibly, challenge LG Evil for the top spot.

Overwatch Carbon Series - Renegades
Overwatch Carbon Series - Renegades

This is an especially important match because Renegades are playing against LG Evil on the following day. This may turn out to be one of the most crucial matches of the tournament at this point. Renegades may very well secure the top spot if they manage to win both of these matches.

Here’s a list of all matches taking place next week:

  • Renegades vs. Immortals (Monday)
  • LG Evil vs. Renegades (Tuesday)
  • Immortals vs. Team Liquid (Tuesday)
  • LG Loyal vs. LG Evil (Wednesday)
  • Team Liquid vs. Complexity (Wednesday)
  • Renegades vs. Immortals (Thursday)
  • LG Loyal vs. Complexity (Thursday)

Final Thoughts

The Overwatch Carbon Series tournament will bring in a lot of data, which will greatly help in judging the quality and consistency of some of the major North American teams. We have passed the halfway point and the stakes are high. Initial favourites Immortals will need to get their act together if they mean to progress to the playoffs, never mind actually win the tournament.

LG Evil will do anything in their power to continue their perfect streak and finish at the top of the group stage. That certainly won’t be easy as Renegades aren’t far behind and they played one match less. Complexity and Immortals are stuck in the middle of the table, but they could still cause major problems for LG Evil and Renegades. Will LG Loyal and Team Liquid make a complete turnaround or will they remain at the bottom? We’ll know soon enough.

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