Jess Colwill, March 12, 2017

League of Legends Remake Controversies Continue, This Time at China's LPL

Following hot on the heels of the EU LCS glitch which saw Giants Gaming and Vitality forced to remake a match last week, China’s LPL Spring Split for 2017 has been forced to do exactly the same thing during a clash between QG Reapers and LGD Gaming.

LGD were well ahead on Game 1 due to an effective strategy of banning five mid-lane champions, and had just secured the Baron after winning a punishing teamfight, when the game was paused. GQ Reapers’ Liu “Ali” Xudon, playing Tahm Kench, was unable to use the Devour spell.

Tahm Kench ‘Devour’ bug

LGD Gaming manager Yang “Nicholas” Shunhua took to Weibo to explain, saying, “After official communication with Riot, here’s the latest update: Tahm Kench couldn’t cast Devour. He couldn’t Devour the AD. At the Baron fight, he Devoured Rengar, but afterwards he couldn’t Devour the AD, so they decided to replay the game.”

“There’s nothing we can do. I hope the five players and coaches won’t be affected by these circumstances and will play well in the next match.”

Just like last week, the team that was down before the glitch was spotted ended up surging into the lead in the remake. GQ Reapers took the remade game and then the next to win the set 2-0 - a victory that caused no small amount of upset with LGD’s large social media fanbase.

Riot is still yet to provide word on when the Chronobreak replay tool, which is already used in the NA LCS and would stop situations like this occurring, will be available internationally.

Jess Colwill

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