Jess Colwill, April 16, 2017

Facebook and Team Dignitas Join Forces For Streaming Deal

Facebook and Team Dignitas have signed a new deal which will see the organisation conduct some of its streaming through the Facebook Live platform, rather than exclusively through Twitch.

The organisation is the first to sign such a deal and marks an escalation in the ongoing fight over esports viewership rights between major players like Twitch (Amazon), YouTube (Google) and Facebook (er, Facebook).

The move follows the acquisition of Team Dignitas by the Philadelphia 76’ers last year.

"We haven't yet seen any other North American teams make an announcement like this," says Team Dignitas CEO Jonathan Kemp.

"We're all making a very large assumption that esports is going to grow significantly, and with that growth will come new fans who perhaps haven't engaged in esports previously or to the degree that they may want to and will want to find a place to do that. It's about taking away friction points for new fans coming into the space and making it easy for them to engage with teams and players."

"We are pleased to welcome Team Dignitas and the Philadelphia 76ers to the growing roster of professional esports teams, AAA game companies and entertainers that are engaging and connecting with their most passionate fans on Facebook,” added Guy Cross, head of games partnerships at Facebook.

"As part of the Sixers, Team Dignitas is one of the most progressive esports teams in the world, and we can't wait to see all the creative ways they'll interact with and find new fans on Facebook."

Jess Colwill

Jess is a writer and dog-lover from the eastern coast of Australia, who loves playing games (particularly anything by BioWare), listening to metal, baking, and fostering rescue dogs while they wait for new homes. You can find her on Twitter at @notsocryptic.