Jess Colwill, April 20, 2017

Twitch's New Tool to Filter LoL Streams

Twitch and Riot Games have unveiled a new tool which will allow you to sort livestreams by the rank of the streaming player, as well as which champions they play. The idea behind the new feature is to make it easier for viewers to find the kind of stream they’re after, rather than having to rely on following specific people or just blindly hoping.

“Don’t want noob streams? Challenger rank is what you’re after,” says Twitch. “Only want noob streams? Bronze it up, friends. If you want all Teemo streams, all the time, well… we’re here to enable that too, but we may silently judge you. You can mix and match the different filters too.”

The feature will go live on with the next League of Legends patch 7.8, which brings the two new champions Xayah and Rakan. In order to use it, you’ll need to link your and League of Legends accounts together. You can do that at your Twitch connections page.

Twitch in-stream marketplace

Twitch recently launched the first phase of its in-stream marketplace, which allows viewers to support streamers by giving them a small cut of the purchase of whatever game is currently being played.

The marketplace opened with titles like Minecraft, Warframe, SMITE, For Honor and others, and more are expected to arrive soon. Streamers receive a 5% cut of each purchase price.

Jess Colwill

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