Jess Colwill, April 20, 2017

How to Get Starcraft and Brood War for Free

The original StarCraft and the StarCraft: Brood War expansion are now available to download and play for free. The two iconic RTS games first released nearly 20 years ago in 1998, and were a major influence in the development of today's competitive, globally-broadcast esports scene.

Today’s re-release is part of the road to launch for the upcoming StarCraft Remastered, a full HD remake of the original game and the expansion. StarCraft Remastered will bring full 4K visuals, updating matchmaking, and re-recorded audio.

If you’d like to enjoy a slice of gaming history, visit the StarCraft Remastered page here and follow the download links for PC and Mac versions.

This free release of StarCraft includes Patch 1.18, which brings a variety of improvements and bugfixes including auto-saving of replays, windowed fullscreen mode and “improved anticheat capabilities”.

StarCraft 2 World Championships

The early stages of the StarCraft 2 World Championships have well and truly kicked off, as we prepare for the WCS Global Finals at the end of the year.

More than $2 million in prizes is up for grabs this year, with the next major event taking place at Dreamhack Austin at the end of the month.

Jess Colwill

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