Jess Colwill, May 17, 2017

Tencent Exploring Possibility of Esports Industrial Park

Tencent, owners of Riot Games, are working withWuhu, a Chinese city, to explore the possibility of building a sprawling esports industrial park.

Although the project is still conceptual, the wishlist of potential inclusions would make any such park a dream destination for the esports fan. Ideas include an esports university, an esports theme park, an animation studio and game development lot, a “science and technology community," and even a dedicated data centre.

If the plan is successful, Tencent will be looking to hold their annual QQJOY gaming convention at the park. According to The Esports Observer, Tencent is already planning to hold this year’s QGC finals in Wuhu.

Tencent holds massive market share in China, with more than 117 million esports players in China in 2016. The Chinese market accounted for the overwhelming majority of online streams delivered last year, at 11.1 billion to North America’s 2.6 billion

As reported last month, Tencent is undergoing a massive rebrand to reposition itself as a competitor to similar juggernauts like Steam. The rebrand, which will see the ‘Tencent Games Platform’ (TGP) relaunch as ‘WeGame’, brings stand-alone titles like Stardew Valley, Cities: Skylines and other Steam staples into the fold for entry into the Chinese market.

Tencent is also building a theme park in Chengdu-based solely around another of its enormously successful properties, the mobile RPG Kings Of Honor. This title reportedly hit 50 million users in January, making the potential for such a theme park very promising.

Jess Colwill

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