Jess Colwill, September 23, 2016

Blizzard Announces Heroes Global Championship

Blizzard may have their fingers in every eSports pie from the FPS to the RTS, but one of the few places they aren’t dominating the professional scene is the MOBA. Heroes of the Storm finds itself lagging behind other heavy hitters like League of Legends and Dota 2.

In 2017 however, Blizzard hopes to start turning that around. The company plans to inject huge amounts of cash into the scene and the community, start a new uniform league format and begin the Heroes Global Championship program.

As part of this, players of the top eight rosters in each region - NA, Europe, China and Korea - will be contracted by Blizzard. These players will be compensated and guaranteed regular competitions, meaning more games for us to enjoy.

“You can look forward to more consistency not only in your favorite rosters, but also in the scheduling, casting, and quality of broadcasts all-year round,” Blizzard's presser reads.

Heroes of the Storm

The Heroes Global Championship also means more local competitions. Other regions not listed above - namely, Taiwan, South East Asia, Latin America, and Australia/New Zealand - will have local events that feed into the international tournaments.

“Furthermore, we’ll be introducing a promotion and relegation system so that amateur teams competing in the Blizzard-sponsored Open Division know exactly what’s required to make it into the HGC league,” the press release continues.

“Twice a year, after proving themselves in a series of weekly open tournaments with prize pools, the two best teams from the Open Division will get to pit their skills against those of struggling pro teams, whose spots in the top tier of the HGC are on the line.”

Qualifiers for the HGC leagues begin in November and Blizzard promises more information in the coming months. So get your teams together, and start shooting for the big time!

Jess Colwill

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