Jess Colwill, September 21, 2016

Denial Esports Player Refuses Match at Bloodlust

No-one likes a ragequitter. When the going gets tough, good sportsmanship says you stick it out until the end. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case at the Bloodlust tournament on Saturday.

After losing the semi-final to Gale eSports 2-0, Denial were to playoff with ex-2ARC rostered team Nice! An anonymous member of the Denial eSports Heroes of the Storm team refused to play alongside his teammates when they were bumped down into the losers’ bracket. The rest of the team were apparently raring to go, but being down a player meant they had no choice but to forfeit.

Team Captain John Paul ‘KingCaffeine’ Lopez issued a statement on TwitLonger, which Denial later cited as their official response on the matter. In the statement, KingCaffeine apologised to the fans and organisers, aware that forfeiting on a crowd-funded event in particular was bound to ruffle some feathers.

“Whenever so much time is spent together, there is a large chance that disputes will come and go between teammates,” KingCaffeine’s tweet reads. “Unfortunately, a player has been dealing with the added stress of multiple real life factors, along with the pressure of maintaining his practice schedule and this led to an altercation, and ultimately, our untimely exit.

“The behavior exhibited was unacceptable and he will be fined for his refusal to participate.”

Jake ‘SolidJake’ Kulinski, commentator for the event as well as the founder of Arcane8 - the company responsible for the tournament - expressed great disappointment. In particular, he feels it is “disrespectful of all the fans that paid to see games played.”

Bloodlust had a crowdfunded prizepool of over $11,000 -- 80% of which went to the tournaments winners, Team Naventic.

Jess Colwill

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