How Fnatic Surged with 3 Brilliant Changes

Competitive MOBAs are complicated, but sometimes a team comes along and beats expectations so successfully it defies understanding. Our job is to come to understand those historic moments, like Fnatic's perfectly-timed LCS surge. Here's the three reasons they have been killing competition in defiance of all odds.

Unikrn's Ultimate EU LCS End-of-Season Awards

LCS EU Spring 2017 was a touch predictable, thanks in large part to the format changes. That doesn't mean talent failed to step up, though, and our stats, analysis, and awards will prepare you for what's next by looking at performances across the Spring Split.

The 10 Worst LCS Teams of All Time

Let's break down the 10 worst LCS teams in history, from both North America and Europe ranging from the entertainingly bad to the trash the rest of the league removed and lit on fire on the way out to ensure it never happened again.