ECS May Decide the Best Team in the World

With four contenders for the current title and a whole lot of rising would-bes, ECS is going to set the stage for this summer's CS:GO ladder. Be prepared with this breakdown of each team's journey so you know who comes out on top and why it matters.

Why REZ Could Redeem Swedish CS:GO

Swedish CS:GO is in turmoil. The solution isn't at the top of a stack of superstars. The solution is a rising star stepping forward and becoming the centerpiece Sweden needs to get back on track. We know just the guy with the skill, attitude and experience needed to do just that.

How Fnatic Surged with 3 Brilliant Changes

Competitive MOBAs are complicated, but sometimes a team comes along and beats expectations so successfully it defies understanding. Our job is to come to understand those historic moments, like Fnatic's perfectly-timed LCS surge. Here's the three reasons they have been killing competition in defiance of all odds.